Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Useful VBox commands

For those of you that are running VBox on a server (headless), here are some common used commands that you will most likely need.

Change memory to 256MB
VBoxManage modifyvm "[machine]" -memory "256MB"

Register an ISO image
VBoxManage registerimage dvd [/full/path/to/iso.iso]

Add ISO image to machine after registering
VBoxManage modifyvm "[machine]" -dvd [/full/path/to/iso.iso]

Start Machine
VBoxHeadless -startvm "[machine]" -p [port] &

Change state of machine
VBoxManage controlvm [machine] poweroff
VBoxManage controlvm [machine] reset
VBoxManage controlvm [machine] savestate
** Other “controlvm” options

Set a shared folder
VBoxManage sharedfolder add “[machine]” -name "[share_name]" -hostpath \n "[/home/username/foldertoshare]"


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