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Sunday, July 27, 2008

VirtualBox - XP NIC Driver problem

After installing VirtualBox on my laptop with Ubuntu 8.04 I ran into the problem were the virtual NIC on my XP machine did not have the proper drivers installed, and I was not able to update the driver using the standard Windows drivers.

The description for the device was “AMD PCNET Family PCI Ethernet Adapter”.

After doing a search on the net I found a couple of people having the same problem. Their solutions was to install either an Intel driver or an AMD:


The problems I had was that the AMD driver did no get recognized by the device, and the Intel driver did no recognize the device. That's when I stumbled on the “proper” device. You can download it here.

Install the executable on your virtual machine and then do a driver update on the network card under Device Manager. This should automatically recognize the device and give you network access.

More info:
VirtualBox Forum


Peter said...

YES, finally a solution that worked. I've been trying for hours... Thanks!

somatt said...

argh this didn't work for me.

Victor said...

somatt, this post is a bit old. There might be other solutions out there worth looking for.

SchizoDuckie said...

Hero! Thanks!

DarrenWatt said...

Worked for me, Virtualbox 4 had the same problem.