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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Most Commonly Used IRC Commands

User Commands


Join a channel
/join <#channel>


Leave chat/channel
Makes you leave the specified channel.
/part <#channel> 
Closes inactive, chat, fserve, get, message or send windows.
Closes the query window you have open to the specified nick.
Leave network
Disconnect you from IRC with the optional byebye message.
/quit [reason] 

Sending Messages

Direct message to user
Send a private message to user without opening a query window.
/msg <#channel|nickname>  
Open a query window with user and send them a private message
Send the specified message to all ops on a channel.
/omsg [#channel]  

User Status

Sets away message
Sends the specified action to the active channel or query window.
/me shakes fist in the air in frustration about learning IRC.

User Identification

Register a nick
a. Register your nick
/msg NickServ REGISTER  
b. Hide your email
c. Force server to ask password for your nick
/msg NickServ SET ENFORCE ON
d. It's recommended to setup a second nick
e. Make sure you are still logged in as user1
/msg NickServ IDENTIFY  password
f. Group the two nicks
/msg NickServ GROUP 
Login with your registered used ID
/msg NickServ IDENTIFY  
Disconnects an old session
/msg NickServ REGAIN  [password]
/msg NickServ GHOST  [password]
View yours or other user's info
/msg NickServ info #shows your info
/msg NickServ info 

Channel Commands

Register a channel
Note: make sure you are logged in
a. Find if channel is available
/msg ChanServ info 
b. Create and join your new channel
c. Register the channel to your nick
/msg ChanServ register 
Setup a channel greeting message
/msg ChanServ SET  ENTRYMSG 
Change channel mode
/msg ChanServ SET  MLOCK [+|-]
i       invite-only
k       channel password
l       join limit
m       moderated, only OPs can post
p       private
s       secret channel
t       only ops can change topic
Lock topic
ChanServ help commands
/msg ChanServ help commands
-ChanServ- The following commands are available:
-ChanServ- FLAGS           Manipulates specific permissions on a channel.
-ChanServ- INVITE          Invites you to a channel.
-ChanServ- OP              Gives channel ops to a user.
-ChanServ- RECOVER         Regain control of your channel.
-ChanServ- REGISTER        Registers a channel.
-ChanServ- SET             Sets various control flags.
-ChanServ- UNBAN           Unbans you on a channel.
-ChanServ- Other commands: ACCESS, AKICK, CLEAR, COUNT, DEOP, DEVOICE, 
-ChanServ-                 DROP, GETKEY, HELP, INFO, QUIET, STATUS, 
-ChanServ-                 TOPICPREPEND, UNQUIET, VOICE, WHY

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