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Monday, March 25, 2013

Fixing prey error "API key not valid! Got 401 status code"

If you are not familiar with the Prey project you can check my previous post about it here. I'll talk more about what it does and how to install.

On this post we will talk a bit about an issue during the install where you may get the error below:

== Verifying API and Device keys...

!! API key not valid! Got 401 status code.
-> Remember to check your inbox to verify your account. If you already have you should reconfigure your settings, or reinstall if necessary.

The steps below should help you with this:

1- Uninstall any previous version of Prey that you may have installed

2- Also notice that the official Ubuntu build saves the configuraiton file in "/etc/prey/config", however the latest build (as of now 0.5.9) saves the configuration file in "/usr/share/prey/config". So make sure you have configured the right file

== Verifying API and Device keys...

 ** API key is valid. Your user account is correctly set up.
 ** Device key is valid. Good. Current status is unverified.

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