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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Problem With Opening mp3 files in Audacity – OpenSuse

The other day I installed Audacity for the first time on my OpenSuse desktop so I could edit an mp3 file. After having installed Audacity I was greeted with the following message: 

This version of audacity was not compiled with mp3 files support”
This is not your common message about lame missing or not installed (that was my first try), as lame is only needed for exports; but it seems that the Audacity package from OpenSuse repos does not support mp3 files.
The fix is rather simple
1- Remove Audacity
zypper rm audacity

2- Make sure you have packman repo installed and refreshed
- Install instructions here -

sudo zypper refresh -r "Packman Repository"

3- Re-install Audacity

sudo zypper in -r "Packman Repository" audacity


Христиан said...

The command i used is:
sudo zypper in --repo packman audacity

Anonymous said...

Thanks! You saved my day...
This is still valid for OpenSuse 12.1


Anonymous said...

Still works in 2015 on opensuse 13.2
Thank you for this.

Ahriman said...

Thanks Victor!
Funny, I faced the same problem with another distro years later:

lo2lo2a said...

wow that fix my problem too opensuse leap 42.2

i found a post about the problem but i didnt know how to update using packman

thank u thank u thank u :)