Friday, February 27, 2009

Giving Life to Old Computer Hardware

The other day I was trying to come up with ideas on how to use some of the old computer hardware I have laying around at home. I searched the web over and over for computer hardware decor and similar keywords, and finally after a lot of searching I started to find some cool ideas (which I'll be showing here).

1- Floppy notes
This is actually pretty cool. Some companies actually sell this (between 2-10 US) on the net. But I think everyone has a few old floppies at home that have no use.

2- Floppy pencil holder
Another good idea for floppies. This is also being sold on the net (or you can easily make your own).

3- Hard Drive clock
No need to say much. This is a fully functional clock installed on an old HD. You can get instructions from here:

There are many more ideas that I have not had a chance of trying, but I'm including a link with all my findings here if you want to dig a bit further.

And here are more links for my preferred ones:
- Really amazing LED clock
- Bag made with floppy disks


Adam said...

What a waste of floppies...I still use them for my pc.

DVD Replication said...

What a nice usage of floppies. I 'll try to do the same with my old floppies. Thanks for sharing such a nice and productive info.