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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

How to install Pidgin "guifications" on Edgy for NOOBS (like myself)

After some looking on the Internet, I was a bit stressed as I was not able to find a how to install guifications for Pidgin on Edgy. There are many how to's install on Feisty, but none on Edgy. I was even able to get a .deb package from Ubuntu forum, but it was for Feisty and I did not have many of the lib files installed on my system.

Apparently Edgy repos have not been updated with Pidgin (not sure if they will). There's an option to install Gaim guifications, but in my case I was already using Pidgin 2.2.0.

The first thing you gotta do is download the tar file from here. Then run the commands:

cd [folder where tar file was downloaded to]
tar -xzvf [guifications-version.tar.gz]

Once you untar it take a look at the INSTALL file. It has some important information. Now let's install the guifications:

cd [folder tar created]
sudo make install

If everything went ok you should now be able to right click on the Pidgin icon on your notification area, choose plugins and you'll see the following window:

This is where we can configure some (a lot) options for your guifications. Below are some screenshots of the menus you will find.

The default theme that comes with guifications is pretty "dumb". It looks like this:

But you can download some different and more interesting themes to spice things up a bit. Here are some sites where you can find more themes:

- Sourceforge

And here are some screenshots from the themes I've downloaded:


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