Wednesday, June 6, 2007


Hi all,

Welcome to my blog!!!
I hope you will enjoy your visit and find the information I post here useful (or at least of some use)

A little bit about me in case you don't know me. My name is Victor. I'm a Brazilian who's been living in Canada (Toronto area) since late 2000. I'm a single dad, born in 1981.

I've been working in the IT area for the past year. I'm currently working as Tech Support for 3Com call center.

I'm also a Linux noob and fanboy. Started using Linux (Ubuntu) on November 2006 as I was studying for my Network+ certification, and I've not been able to stop since them. I just love the operating system.

I spent a lot of my time playing on my computers at home, about 11 of them (diagram). They include BSD, Ubuntu and a few that are left of Windows.

Anyways.... I hope you enjoy.


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